DS Leadership Life: The Three Keys to Evolved Leadership

The Three Keys to Evolved Leadership

The Three Keys to Evolved Leadership

In order to fully embrace the path of evolved leadership, we must have the courage to face reality and realize that compartmentalism simply doesn’t work.

If you’re separated from your creative vision at a core level, nothing you do in your work or home life is going to fulfill you in the way your soul desires.

If you have drama in your personal life, chances are it’s creeping into your professional life, as well.

And if you feel incapable of getting the results you want in the office, you’re probably struggling in some personal areas, too.

iStock_000016847564_SmallThe good news is that healing in any one of these areas creates transformative results throughout your life.

Embracing and integrating positive change across the spectrum of your experience holds the key to becoming an evolved leader.

If this sounds daunting, you’re not alone. I’m here to help.

Career Leadership

Our careers are often where our journey to evolved leadership begins.

iStock_000038725284_SmallThrough career leadership, we’re asked to take responsibility for our own actions, maintain healthy relationships with others, and somehow balance our professional roles with our personal lives. Easy, right?

Well . . . maybe not. Embracing a new paradigm of leadership takes courage. Bringing this into the workplace? Buckle up.

I’ll help you align yourself with your work so you naturally become the leader others want to follow.

  • Have you been asked to step into a leadership role and suddenly find yourself unprepared for the challenges ahead?
  • Do you feel that you can handle professional tasks on your own, but get stuck when you have to work with others?
  • Do you feel driven to take on a leadership role at work but are unsure of how to balance new responsibilities with a full, supportive personal life?

Through my coaching, I’ll help you consciously integrate holistic, evolved leadership into your career. And when you tap into your own creative expression in the workplace, you’ll bring authenticity and balance to your relationships and personal visions.

Read more about Career Leadership.

Relationship Integration

Human beings are social creatures, and we simply can’t escape the huge role relationships play in our lives. The lone cowboy fantasy might sound appealing at times, but in reality we have to live, work, and play well with others.

ds_blog_imageBy definition, the word leadership implies we have followers. Guess what followers are? Other people. Guess what we have with other people? Relationships.

If you want to lead, you need to be ready to have a whole lot of relationships.

As an evolved leadership coach, I’ll help you create personal and professional relationships based on truth and honesty, clear agreements and boundaries, and open expressions of appreciation and love.

During our time together, I’ll support you as you integrate newfound awareness and clarity into your relationship dynamics. You’ll learn to:

  • Identify longstanding, unconscious relationship patterns
  • Hold healthy boundaries without putting up walls
  • Reflect on personal responsibility without moving into victimhood or blame
  • Move beyond your comfort levels and into deep intimacy

By fully engaging in supportive relationships and by committing and re-committing to the important people in your life, you’ll allow yourself to experience the deep connections you truly desire. You’ll create relationships that both fully support you as an evolved leader and allow you to fully support others.

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Creative Vision

Creativity truly forms the foundation of evolved leadership. We are all creative beings, and creativity weaves its way across the spectrum of our lives. The most important characteristic of evolved leadership is your ability to consciously create what you want to see in the world.

The first step in accessing your innate creative vision is to ask yourself, “What do I want?” While this question is simple, answering it will require you to face your deepest fears. When you take responsibility for what you’ve been unconsciously creating, you’re often confronted with the reality of how drastically this differs from your true desires.

Business Vision

When I work with you, I’ll guide you through the process of tuning into your authentic vision. I’ll help you move beyond the trap of trying to figure out how to get what you want, and into a state of creative presence. You’ll learn to be available to the resources and support that will naturally occur as you become aligned with your vision.

By grounding yourself in clear visions of your desires, you’ll move out of reactivity and into responsibility. You’ll align your choices and decisions with conscious creative vision and step fully into evolved leadership.

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