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As a result of working with individuals and teams for over a decade, I suspect that you, like most of my tribe, stumbled onto this lovely site in a moment of desperation.

You care about your job and you want to do it well, but for the love of god can we all stop taking it so seriously!

Or you’re juggling a mountain of responsibilities between work and life and keep Googling, “how to clone yourself.”

Or perhaps you’re in a new leadership role and drowning in feelings of doubt and inadequacy and regularly think to yourself, “I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing!”

Or your team has been through one too many “trainings” and one too many icebreakers (with little results other than complaining about icebreakers).

Or you’re a CEO who is starting to get the night sweats about how to scale your company and retain your top talent.

Or maybe you’re just someone who loves to learn about how to lead your best life.

There are a million and one reasons people have sought out my services, and they’ve all found what they were looking for.

Some of my Most Popular Stuff:

My intention is to provide as many resources as possible that you can access from the comfort of your home, your office, or your home office.

You can read my blog, listen to my podcast, or watch videos on my YouTube channel to learn more about conscious positive leadership, time management, giving feedback, and how to make your work more effective and fun.

To start off, here are a few of the most popular posts divided by topic:

Time Management

Podcast – You Can’t Manage Time But You Can Manage Tasks

Podcast – Delegate It and Get More Done

Podcast – Scarcity and How It Impacts Your Work

Podcast – How to Handle Work Overload

Blog – Behaving Like It Matters: How to Leave a Meeting Early


Podcast – Fear at Work and What to Do About It

Podcast – What to Do When You’re Stuck

Podcast – The Benefits of Negative Emotions at Work

Podcast – Listening Through Fear

Blog – A New Take on Goal Setting


Podcast – How to Really Manage Your Stress at Work

Podcast – Get Less Done With Less Stress

Podcast – The Overlooked Part of Productivity

Blog – Why None of Your Productivity Tricks Work


Podcast – Two Reasons Your Team Isn’t Giving You Feedback

Podcast – How to Share Our Opinions at Work Without Creating An Argument

Podcast – How to Get a Raise and How to Give One

Blog – What to Do With Struggling Employees

Webinar – Can You Hear Me Now? A Guide to Giving and Receiving Feedback at Work


Podcast – Creativity: We’re Making Everything Up

Podcast – Daily Rituals to Support Your Day

Podcast – Four Questions for Visioning

Podcast – Time for a Serious Vacation

Blog – What is Missing from Gleicher’s Formula for Change


Podcast – The Emotion of Culture

Podcast – 4 Ways to Lead with Positive Psychology

Podcast – Remote Teams and How to Lead Them

Blog – How to Get Your Employees to Take Responsibility

Blog – The One Question Every Leader Should Ask Their Team

Products and Services

I work with individuals and companies in a variety of capacities. For more information about how I can help you, click here.


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