Ep 294 How NOT to Cultivate Resilience

This week we are talking about resilience and what to avoid doing if you want to be even more resilient. That’s right, even more resilient. Human beings by in large are given much resilience but, some of the things we may be choosing to do can erode this naturally occurring strength to “bounce back” in ways that we may not recognize. First of all, watch out for complaining, blaming and criticizing others and also yourself! This is numero uno for you for sure. While it may feel slights enlivening due to the hits of adrenaline that we get when we are feeling righteous about what others should or shouldn’t be doing, be aware that this ultimately doesn’t leave us feeling empowered. Mostly this doesn’t work to build our resilience because this habit isn’t actionable. We are complaining but, we aren’t owning our own agency and power to change anything. Secondly, feeling into a future based on horrible outcomes also doesn’t build our resilience. Again, we return to being able to take action on that which we can do right now is best. Those things that are within our locus of control are incredibly helpful for us to use our strengths and best virtues as well as, most likely, to help others. When times feel uncertain and we feel out of control and unable to impact our environment, finding those places where we can take mindful action is incredibly resilient building. Thirdly, not giving attention to your naturally occurring strengths and the best virtues you are bringing to every day, also isn’t helpful. If we can see our strengths and how we are using them day-to-day this can be very helpful. What parts of your better nature has really shown up during this time? And during any time in which you’ve been challenged? We’re including some great links for you too in this week’s show: If you want to assess your own mental toughness, check out this article and the questions here. And if you’d like a good laugh, you can watch my friend Jessica and her quarantine roommate with their 5 Second Phone Calls. Join us on the Super Fantastic Leadership Show app too. We would love to see you there. You can get it right on itunes/google play if you don’t have it already. There you will find all sorts of great bonus content. This week we are simply including a picture of McWilmes sheltered at home.