Ep 293 The Pandemic Isn't a Magic Bullet

This week we discuss the many ways in which our lives may change due to the pandemic and also, the caution we might want to consider as we begin to get convinced that we should go back to business as usual. Today’s show was inspired by an article that Daphne read on Medium written by Julio Vincent Gambuto. In this article he warns us to be intentional about what we bring back into our lives. However, the article also points too many fingers at the world outside of ourselves for creating our lives the way they are. Daphne wrote a response article that addresses this point and we talk about it on the show today. The truth is, we are always responsible for our lives and what we bring into them or not. For sure, this pandemic may provide us with some much needed levers but, as the title of this show suggests, it is no magic bullet for “fixing” the things we had issues with all along. Marta and Daphne also talk about the levers they are pulling to learn new things. For Marta, she is learning to draw comics. For Daphne, she is focusing a lot on cooking really delicious food. You can find the recipe to the world’s best grilled cheese sandwich that she made right here. And here are her ingredients for a great green smoothie that she loves to start her day with. Let us know what new things you’re bringing into your world and how you are using this time to get leverage in your life. That’s what it is all about!