Ep 292 What to Do If You're Unemployed

With the arising of the pandemic and the need to isolate ourselves to protect human lives, the impact on business and unemployment has reached epic proportions. While there have been many who have had the privilege of being able to work from home, there are many who may not possess that ability and thus, are finding themselves not working at all. In today’s show we want to talk about what to do if you’re unemployed right now. We talk about not only the many ways you may need to work with your emotions and manage your experience of stress but also, the specific actions that you can take until the next wave of your employment makes an appearance. This has certainly been a challenge for millions of Americans. The great news is that not all hope is lost and there are some industries that are looking for employees right now. We are including some links right here for you too! Look for a job right now 10 Awesome Places to Work Right Now Join us this week as we discuss the possibilities!