Ep 290 There Are No Small Gestures of Kindness

Today we are talking about the simplest of things that we can do as leaders, and beyond, that don’t take too much effort at all to demonstrate acts of kindness. In a recent Harvard Business Review article, the author proposed that great leaders know that small gestures matter. What landed for me though is that any acts of kindness really aren’t small at all. Although, we often may think we need to make some grand gesture, it is the little things that matter. And it is the series of these actions that matter over time. We share some of the acts of kindness we’ve both experienced throughout this time of sheltering in place and needing to take care of our friends and family in a different way. We’ve each had old friends reach out to us and share their spaces with us. At a time when it can feel like so many things may not be going our way, it is worthy of putting our attention on what can do and how we might be kind to others. One of the most important things that shows up as a common thread in these acts however is our ability to give our full attention to other people. It is one the greatest acts of kindness that we can take. Simply giving those moments to each other is sometimes all that it takes. I share a very sweet story on the show of an exact moment I experienced. Oh, and by the way, this includes being kind to ourselves too.