Ep 289 Never Give Up or Give In to Fear

Today’s show was inspired by a blog post from Mr. Money Mustache. Actually, it was inspired by a response to a post on the blog of Mr. Money Mustache by the main Mustachian himself, Pete Adeney. Now, I’ve read his blog for several years and I wish I could remember how I came upon him. I’m sure it was when I was really trying to make sense of how money mattered in my life, or rather “how much”. Take that in two ways, how much did I make it matter and how much really mattered. Mr. Money Mustache writes about that very thing. How did we want to live our lives and how did we want money and work to show up in our lives. How much of our own life energy did we want to give to the pursuit of getting more and having more? Well, leave it to him to write one of the best blog posts I’ve read so far about our current situation with CV-19, the economy and how what we’ve been doing with sheltering in place actually stands as one of the most compassionate and surprising things a seemingly capitalist society could be doing. He pointedly points out “who would have imagined.” The blog post was inspiring. What was most attention grabbing to me though was the many, many, many responses on the blog post. Of course there were the many statistical types who wanted to point to their own level of “economic savvy”. But one post in particular and Mr. Money Mustache’s response was the best part. His response to a person who did feel very much scared and uncertain was one of the best responses anyone could ask for. We hope you safe at home and that you and your loved ones are more inspired than ever!