Ep 287 Working and Parenting At Home CV-19

On today’s show we are very fortunate to have with us parenting coach and psychotherapist, Michelle Gambs. She is not only a genius in working with families and parents. She is also wickedly wise and infuses fun and play into the most difficult moments in life. Today we discuss the five needs that all children have. Guess what, they aren’t personal. Michelle also gives us some strategies to front load the many ways children to get those needs met. Importantly, she also enlightens us as to what every parent needs to avoid and why quality, not quantity is what really matters. We need to avoid the “D”. Her acronym GEM explains it all. We hope that everything we talk about helps parents and families during this tricky time of working from home while everyone is also schooling from home. You can find out more about Michelle, her online course, her blog and how to connect with her directly at Michelle Gambs. I also highly recommend watching her videos on Youtube. You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram. We hope today’s show really gives you some amazing resources to navigate these times ahead with presence, love and patience.