Ep 286 Take a Breath CV-19

This show is our first show since the pandemic came into our awareness and into our lives. Never before have any of experienced a moment in time like this and I’ve been saying to everyone that “this is my first pandemic”. And so it is for all of us. We are going to be doing many shows over the course of the next several weeks and until we feel that we don’t need to do so. We also hope that we provide a lot of additional support to you during this time too. With today’s show, we are going to cover few tips to help you get grounded and to establish a few practices for you that will allow you to stay present even in the midst of times that can feel challenging for you right now. We also bring in some great poems in this show because we find that the humanities right now are more needed than ever to help remind us of our better natures and also, to inspire us to who we can become throughout this process. Here is the poem by John O’Donohue that we share on the show and also the poem by David Whyte.