Episode 13 Are You Focused on Losing or Gaining?

In this week's riveting show, we discuss loss aversion and how to work with it in our daily lives. We delve into the prospect theory by Kahneman and Tversky, highlighting how individuals perceive the fear of loss to be more significant than the potential for gain. We share examples in our own lives and how we have overcome the fear of loss during times of necessary change. We also examine scenarios where loss aversion can lead to irrational decisions, such as staying in unsatisfying relationships, or prematurely exiting the stock market. The hosts suggest practical strategies to overcome this bias, like visiting the "mind gym" and playing the "worst-case scenario" game, a technique inspired by the Stoics. We also discuss how loss aversion can be of a great benefit when we recognize fully the gains that we could lose by not making a change and why we encourage listeners to shift their focus from avoiding loss to actively and intentionally pursuing success. While losses loom large, they don't have to. 

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