Ep 7 The Map and States of Consciousness

In this week's show, we discuss the many states of consciousness and how we can work with them in our daily lives. We specifically discuss the Map of Consciousness as written about by Dr. David Hawkins, the different emotions experienced at different levels, our own journey with our experience of different states of consciousness, what is consciousness, why understanding our own consciousness matters, how the body matters and meditation as a path to deepening our awareness and developing a greater capacity for noticing what is going on in and around us. 

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References in this week's show:

The Map of Consciousness by David Hawkins

What is It Like to Be a Bat by Thomas Nagel

Creating Lasting Change by Tony Robbins

We also mention several meditation apps if you're interested in learning about meditation. You can also feel free to reach out to either of us too. 

Insight Timer: This app includes teachings from thousand of teachers and many different approaches to meditation. 

Headspace: A really great overall app for specific meditations and there is an excellent introductory class on meditation with great graphics that explains and addresses many of the misunderstandings of meditation as well. 

Waking Up: Created by neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris, this application includes many different approaches with meditation and a host of different teachers as well as a course created by Sam Harris to teach the initial approaches to meditating.