Ep 3 What is Mindfulness and Why Should We Care

In this week's episode we discuss the basic concept of Mindfulness. We discuss what it means to apply it and define it through our own experience. We discuss how the idea of a fixed identity can limit us and keep us subscribed to old ideas and old ways of being as we attach to a personality, our experiences of going from being reactive to accessing the higher wave brain patterns, fight or flight, accessing our prefrontal cortex, how breathing shifts our access to be more responsive versus reactive, how we can use appreciation as a path to higher resonate brain patterns, how making choices from only wanting to avoid experience versus creating an experience creates a different outcome, how all emotions are helpful, how to be flexible with our emotional responses and why we should care about any of it. We look forward to you joining us this week! 

Resources loosely referenced in the show: 

David Hawkins: The Map of Consciousness

The Law of Attraction

The Conscious Leadership Group

Power Questions: Build Relationships, Win New Business and Influence Others