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Meet Your Hosts

Meet Your Hosts

Like all great things, Daphne and Marta started hosting the podcast together by accident.

Daphne had gotten used to hosting the show alone – and loved using audio clips to her heart’s content – when she and Marta happened to travel to Vegas together. They decided it would be fun to record an episode together, and they had so much fun doing so that it became a weekly thing.

Daphne is the founder of their company, DS Leadership Life, and Marta is her right-hand woman. For the podcast, Daphne comes up with most of the topics and likes researching the science behind it while Marta enjoys applying the topics to her life and their company. Daphne and Marta have a great time exploring their unique relationship as co-workers and friends within the context of the show.

Sidenote: Daphne used to cohost the podcast with Dr. Katie Hendricks, a lovely human being who had since moved on to other creative projects. (See episodes 1-119.)

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