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A Leadership Life Development One-Day Workshop
with Dr. Daphne Scott and Dr. Katie Hendricks

A Leadership Life Development One-Day Workshop
with Dr. Daphne Scott and Dr. Katie Hendricks

This event has specifically been created to connect leaders who want to expand their self-awareness and leadership skills. Maybe you are a new leader or someone who has been in a leadership role for a while.  This workshop will provide great content delivered in a way that is inspiring, fun and immediately applicable.

You’ll learn the key skills needed to combat the challenges that every leader faces. Whether it be the ability to offer feedback, manage change or get your teams to move forward to accomplish the necessary goals needed to succeed, you will be learning and practicing it all at this event.

Here are just a few of the topics and questions that will be addressed:

  • How do I offer feedback to a person on my team who isn’t performing well?
  • How do I get my team aligned around a common goal?
  • How do I keep all of my projects and tasks together when there is so much to get done?
  • How do I delegate things and feel confident that they will get completed?
  • How do I keep people positive in the midst of change?

You’ll also learn how to avoid the common pitfalls that leaders can encounter when it comes to working within a group dynamic and team.

Most of all, you’ll get to connect with other leaders who are on the same path as you! These will be people who can support your quest in taking your leadership life to the next level.

This event is limited to 20 people. Why am I limiting it to twenty people? The main reason is that I want each and every person to get the maximum attention they require. I also want each person to leave with clear goals and action steps that will support them in moving their leadership in the direction that will be of greatest service to them.

Ready to evolve your leadership?  The workshop is $575.00 or only $500.00 for early bird registration discount if you register before September 1st.

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