273: Are You Making the Most of the End of the Year? - Daphne Scott. Evolve Leadership


273: Are You Making the Most of the End of the Year?

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This show is our time to talk about one of my favorite aspects of ending the year, completion! I spend the last two weeks of the year giving my full effort to completing anything that’s been “hanging around” and needing to be brought full circle. For example, those pictures that have been needing to be framed, or that file that’s been overflowing for the past month. Yes, it’s the little things that matter! Now, what’s really important to know is that the more we practice living in the way, instead of just waiting for the end of the year, the better off we are. This drives us to be more mindful about the things we say yes to and also, to keep ourselves organized in a way that allows us to get things done when we said that we would. That always feels great! So, listen in this week as we talk about what it’s like to have the intentionality to live in completion!


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