263: Develop Yourself and Enjoy Your Career - Daphne Scott. Evolve Leadership


263: Develop Yourself and Enjoy Your Career


Ah, career development. Nothing could sound more dry and uninspiring. It can feel like something we “have to do” and remind us of the next series of meetings we’ll be pulled into that opens with the cheesiest of cheesy ice breakers. Well, this weeks show is going to change all of that. It turns out that developing ourselves is the key to having a long and and enjoyable career and it’s what keeps us going when the going gets tough at time with our work. Taking the time to learn and grow is also the big differentiator between us simply having a job and doing things that we love to do (aka a career or even a calling). The one thing we really explore in this week’s show is how all of that development doesn’t necessarily happen in the way that we think either. Believe it or not, taking an archery class or learning to paint can help you in ways often not considered. Listen in this week and also, develop yourself at the same time.

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