262: How to Manage Being Busy At Work - Daphne Scott. Evolve Leadership


262: How to Manage Being Busy At Work


It’s an age-old issue that many of us can complain about all too often; we’re all really busy. While we don’t ascribe to falling into that mantra too often, there certainly can be those moments when we do actually have a lot of things to get completed, all of which can feel like they have the same impending due date. It’s in those moments that we can really start to freak out and feel overwhelmed. What do we do when we actually do have a lot of things to get done? Well this week we give you some really great tips to manage all of the crazy. There are 5 tips to be exact. Yes, one of the first of which is to manage our mindset. Stop telling yourself you’re too busy and you’ll never get it all done is a great place to start. And, there’s more. So be sure to listen in this week as we give you the goods and get you on the road to productivity that’s easy.

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