259: Be Present Now And Achieve Your Goals Later - Daphne Scott. Evolve Leadership


259: Be Present Now And Achieve Your Goals Later


This week we talk about why we need to keep ourselves as present as we can even when we are working to achieve a goal sometime in the future. As it turns out, we are only ever here right now. What’s really true is that how present we are right now drives the quality of the actions we take. This has a great deal to do with how we achieve our goals or not. Another key part of this week’s conversation is really more about who we are becoming on our path to achieving our goals and not just achieving them in and of themselves. We even talk about Uncle Rico from Napolean Dynamite and his never ending quest to go back to ’82. Join us this week for another exciting episode with practical tips and tricks that will take your leadership and your life to the next level.

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