251: Too Busy to Be a Great Leader - The Super Fantastic Leadership Show


251: Too Busy to Be a Great Leader

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In this week’s show we talk all about an age old complaint; I’m too busy! It is has been around since the dawn of time. We really explore how this habit of complaining about it and also, the habit of creating our lives so we feel too busy, keeps us from doing the things that we know are truly important for our over all well-being. And when it comes to leadership, this common complaint also keeps us from learning about the one critical part of our roles as leaders and that is, learning to lead. People in leadership roles often forget that the main part of their role is leading other people. They are no longer the individual contributor they once were who simply had to be exceptional at that one job. There is nothing like the habit of “busyness” to keep us stuck right where we’ve always been. Even though it may make us feel like we’re really getting somewhere. Enjoy this week’s show!


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