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232: How Do You Renew

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We’ve come to the end of the year! We’ve been talking about goals and patience. Now we’re talking about renewal. For some of us, the holidays is a time of renewal and rest. For others, the holidays can be a chaotic time or even bring negativity and stress. We want to ensure that you take time for rest and renewal. It’s easy to allow our adrenaline to “guide” our lives and “give” us the “energy” we use to survive. But let’s face it… adrenaline is not good for us long-term. We NEED that rest and that renewal to live on natural and healthy energy.

Today, we’re going to discuss recovery, renewing our energy, and what makes you come alive. We’ll also share HOW to renew and how not to be misled by false renewal. We’d love to hear any additional ways that you are able to renew! Share them on Facebook or Twitter (links below)!

Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR and we will talk to you in 2019!!!


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