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228: The Real Cost Of Conflicts At Work and How to Resolve Them

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This week, on The Super Fantastic Leadership Show, we’re discussing conflicts at work between individuals, and also groups of people, and how to resolve them.

Interestingly, most of us are stressed at work, not because of our task list, but because of the interpersonal relationships we deal with every day. We all know what conflict does to us personally. Consider how much conflict distracts us from productivity and creates a huge cost to resolve the conflict.

However, fear not!

As always, we have answers!! We will discuss these conflicts: what they look like and why they happen. We’ll also share solutions and tips on how to actually connect with other people in a healthy and effective way.

Here are some steps to resolve conflict and create better communication:

  1. Remove anonymity as best as possible: have opportunities for people to meet and talk.
  2. Create systems for communication and decision-rights: who is making the decisions and how are the decisions getting made?
  3. Focus on the common goal: what are we all trying to create together?
  4. What is each person’s strengths and each team’s strengths?
  5. How can we learn the most and help the most?


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