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223: Working With Fear

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Fear is not something we ever enjoy experiencing. Yet, it’s something we have to deal with.

Today, we’re talking about fear: how to recognize it, be with it, and work with it, rather than trying to force it to go away. We’ll define and discuss what fear actually looks like, how to manage our emotions rather than them controlling us, how to respond to fear, and, as stated, how to deal with it in a very healthy way.

Side note: I (Brian, the Producer) have an additional thought on fear. I believe there are 2 main types of fear: Healthy fear and disordered fear. Healthy fears (being scared of petting a scorpion or fear of heights from jumping off a cliff) can serve to keep us and others safe. Those are good fears to embrace. Disordered fears are those that don’t serve us or others in any way. They hold us back and paralyze us. I believe it’s a really good idea to also distinguish between the type of fear you’re feeling to understand how to deal with that fear. Just a side comment to this great discussion! 🙂

We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences on fear if you’re willing to share!!


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