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220: The Real Reason You Should Avoid Gossip

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It’s fun, isn’t it?

Wait! No it’s not! At least, it shouldn’t be…

Today’s episode is all about gossip in the workplace and why you should avoid it at all costs.

Let’s be honest: gossip is easy to do and very easy to get sucked into. But you may be surprised to know what the true definition of gossip really is. Sometimes, what we’re saying may not even really be gossip. So we’ll clarify that and what we’re talking about when it comes to intentional gossip.

We’ll also discuss what gossip does to you (the person gossipping) and how it will affect you negatively. Of course, we’ll also talk about what gossip does to the workplace and the culture of the workplace. Finally, we’ll discuss what you can do to avoid gossip and gossiping and how to bring yourself and the workplace back into equilibrium.


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