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218: What Do You Really Want?

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This week we are exploring an age-old question: what do you REALLY want? It’s an oldie but a goodie and, even though it’s been beaten to death by almost every coach, it’s still something that is absolutely worth asking and knowing. What we really want points to our intentions and motivations. As a result, you can, instead of asking what you really want, ask: What are my intentions and motivations as I navigate this situation, relationship or circumstance?

We’ll talk about what this all looks like, share some examples, discuss things that can hold us back from going after what we want, and provide some action steps for you!

Also, here’s an AWESOME response to the naysayers in your life. If you want something and a naysayer says “oooo yeah… do you think that’s really going to work?” You can respond with “I dunno… have you done that before?”




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