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What Got You Here Will Get You There


The old saying, “What got you here won’t get you there,” makes sense when we consider the more transactional parts of our business and leadership. As any exceptional leader knows, what makes businesses and lives successful aren’t just the processes and systems.

Are these things necessary? Absolutely. Will they take you to the next level in your work and bring you the ultimate success that you desire? No.

So what can we take from our past successes and apply to our current endeavors?

All businesses are built on beliefs and values, which are manifested in our intentions and motivations. Our intentions and motivations are the driver of our actions, and therefore our outcomes. It was your beliefs and values that allowed you to be successful in the first place and it is your beliefs and values that will sustain you in the quest to continue to build your business and your team.

It’s possible to grow a business with the intent of having control, praise, and approval. It’s also possible to grow a business with the intention of seeing how many people can benefit from the work that you do.

In each scenario, the outcome will be very different. Growing a business in an attempt to have control and seek praise and approval makes the growth about only one person. Therefore, the growth of that business will look very different from the growth of a business intending to benefit others.

When leaders are clear about their intentions and motivations, it is exactly that what got you here that will get you there.

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