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211: How Much Time Do You Spend Complaining At Work?

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Happy August! We are BACK with a brand new episode!

We are going to spend the entire episode complaining about work! BEST. SHOW. EVER!

Ok, not really.

But let me ask you this… and be honest: how much time do you spend complaining at work?

I bet we’d all be surprised, if we were to seriously tally up every minute that we complained at work, how much time it took up. Not to mention the mental capacity. Complaining doesn’t just waste time, but it also really can affect our brain and neural pathways in an extremely detrimental and negative way. Then there’s the effect we have on others…

But here’s the thing. Complaining is usually caused by something that is actually causing us pain or something negative. It needs to be addressed and resolved rather than turned into gossip. We will discuss all of this and show you how to address and resolve your issues (and complaining) into something that’s positive and healthy!

This really WILL be the BEST. SHOW. EVER! 🙂



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