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203: Consider This One Thing Before and After Giving Feedback

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This week, we are talking about a never spoken about part of feedback. The one big conversation that never seems to take place. Today’s conversation builds off of the conversation back in episode 155.

Let’s take the example that you’re having trouble with a member of your team. There are 2 scenarios that typically arise:

  1. You notice that a person you’re working with seems difficult to work with and there are very specific behaviors accompanying. You decide to give feedback to that person.
  2. You’ve given the feedback already, and things still aren’t going well.

But there is a HUGE part of the conversation that you are missing with this person! Sure, you’ve addressed their problem and given your feedback. But what are you missing? Why are you still having this problem?

The answer to this, as well as some really helpful tips, is in today’s episode! Dive in and watch your feedback results change dramatically!


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