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205: Are You Making Room to Play At Work?

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This week, we’re doing something a little different: we’re going to give you some ways to mess around at work.

Yes, you heard us right! That is, if you want to be productive, of course.

What? How does this work?

Well, we did a show on humor at work a while back, so refer to that for some interesting tie ins. This week’s show is about making space to play at work. What does play do for us? It engages us, helps us to think creatively, and laugh. Essentially, when we’re laughing, we’re learning! The science on this is also pretty clear: we need play and laughter. These create connection!

We’re going to play some fun games today: “Letter of the Day,” and “Word Blurt.” We will share some really fun games you can play at work, as well, so that YOU can see your engagement and productivity rise.

And have fun!


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