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199: Get Rid of Anxiety

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Good ‘ole anxiety…

It’s not fun. Today, we are talking about all of the ways we can make ourselves anxious and then what to do about it so we can GET RID OF ANXIETY!!

There’s a fantastic blog by The Minimalists (link below) that talks about how to make yourself anxious! While intended to be funny, it also is incredibly true. It’s absolutely worth a read. Anxiety is a common thing for most people but, of course, not healthy for us in any way.

We are going into detail about what anxiety is, how we create it (including some of the subtle things that may even elude us), and then what to do to get rid of anxiety and how to go about doing it. If you struggle with any level of anxiety, this is a MUST listen!

Oh, and practice breathing…

Now, enjoy the moment!


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