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195: You’re More Resilient Than You Think

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We truly are a LOT more resilient than we think. It’s amazing how easy it is to have doubt or fear or some other negative thought that causes us to “believe” that we aren’t as resilient as we wish we were. Resilience is our ability to respond to and bounce back from challenge, self-imposed or not.

Consider this: what are some things you’ve had to learn in the past year that brought out your resilience? Were you able to overcome them? Consider what you’ve learned from these challenges and be proud of those accomplishments! We’ll discuss how you can and will overcome the challenges and setbacks in your life. Here’s some encouragement:

  1. Nothing is permanent and you’ve, so far, managed those things and lived it throughout your life.
  2. Things are often not as bad as we imagined.
  3. We’re more courageous than we ever allowed ourselves to realize.
  4. You are not alone.


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