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193: The Issues with Employee Surveys

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Who doesn’t love a good survey?

But beware the survey… they do have limits.

There are a number of issues with employee surveys, particularly “burnout” surveys and employee engagement surveys. There are a few biases (which we explain in the show) that play a huge factor in employee surveys. Most survey questions aren’t going to get the best, unbiased answer that you’re looking for. Your employees just want to look good in your eyes.

One of the first questions you should even ask is whether or not a survey is even necessary. Will it even help? Is the company environment and culture so bad that a survey is completely useless? If you send out a survey, are you even willing to listen and fix the problems? This is the first step before even considering writing a survey.

If you do choose to put together and send out a survey, we address how to craft a useful, helpful, and results-driven survey with well-worded questions to give you the accurate results you’re looking for and needing to better your culture and environment.


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