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194: How to “Get Better”

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Today’s topic centers on developing ourselves! We’re all about growing and expanding here on this show, but it’s not JUST about getting better. For example, comparing ourselves to others (we need to be better like them…) is a recipe for disaster. Besides, it won’t last. It can’t. So, actually, it’s not about “getting better.” Instead, it’s about growing and expanding in a way that best fits and helps us and helps those around us.

We discuss some of the conversations and advice surrounding developing ourselves so we can dispel the myths and do this correctly. Staying connected to our biggest “whys” and motivations and intentions is important. Finding what works for you and then sticking to it long enough to give it a good try is also essential. Finally, it’s important to focus on what you enjoy about a certain thing (sales for example) as well as the activity that helps you increase sales rather than just sales itself.


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