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192: Stop Talking About Employee Engagement

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We are on the soapbox today! But there is a good reason for it. The overall idea and the way employee engagement is talked about, not the mention the poor definition of it, is just not healthy. This episode was inspired by an article in the Harvard Business Review stating that employees are so engaged that they’re burning out. 1 in 5 highly engaged employees are at risk for burnout.


It’s not about engagement. It’s about RIGHT engagement. It’s about our body and mind being present in the same place at the same time. There are so many other issues with the definition of employee engagement and how it’s being presented. We will discuss this issues.

We’ll also discuss a better definition, a better way to approach this, AND some healthy and actionable tips you can implement with your employees and your organization to, ideally, create a healthy and RIGHT level of happier engagement.


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