You Can Either Be Right or You Can Be Happy - Blog Post


You Can Either Be Right or You Can Be Happy


It’s likely that you’ve heard the phrase, “You can either be right or you can be happy.” It’s funny because it’s true.

But deep down, we all know that wanting to be right and to prove that we are right causes suffering. Wisdom is required to keep a balanced view of life and to remain curious as it unfolds.

This does not mean being indifferent or turning a blind eye to what is actually happening. Nor does it mean not having an opinion or taking a stance. In fact, these misunderstandings about what it is to have a balanced view of life can prevent us from being able to access one.

In order to have a more balanced view, it is necessary to let go a bit, to stop holding on to our way of doing things, or to the fear that what we want to happen won’t happen.

And if we find ourselves feeling anxious whenever we think about the situation, it means that we are stuck in a fear pattern and that the “thing” is taking on an entirely new context in our lives.

In order to regain that balanced perspective, we must take a deep breath, set down the “situation” that has consumed us, and only return to it once we have zoomed out a bit. This will allow healthy discernment to return and let us view the situation in the larger context.

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