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184: Boundaries and How To Keep Them

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This is a huge topic and such an important factor in our lives for wellbeing and for a healthy, functioning business environment. A boundary is a “thing” that marks a limit. Brene Brown said that boundaries can be summed up with this acronym: B.I.G.

  • Which Boundaries do I need to set?
  • Boundaries that are in Integrity with myself.
  • Make Generous assumptions about another person.

We’ll discuss the power of boundaries, what they do (and what happens when you don’t set boundaries), how to set and keep healthy, and appropriate, boundaries, and how to recognize and avoid “boundary crossers” in today’s episode. A good litmus test is to ask yourself: do you find yourself feeling disappointed and “surprised” by people’s behavior? If so, then you likely have a boundary problem.

Enjoy today’s episode – the last episode of 2017 – and definitely give us feedback on your experience with boundaries (and a lack of boundaries) and what you’re planning to implement in 2018! We wish you a very joyous holidays and Happy New Year!


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