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175: Resilience Doesn’t Mean “Tough It Out”

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Today, we are discussing the idea of resilience: what it is, what it isn’t, and when it is worthy of our time or not at all. Resilience is the ability to bounce back from less than savory experiences in life. However, while resilience is being able to bounce back, we don’t bounce back by “toughing it out.” Even though many of us believe that toughing it out (as part of resilience) will make us tougher, the science proves otherwise. This idea of “toughing it out” can lead to a whole host of problems short- and long-term. We share some very shocking statistics about trying to tough it out and what it does to us and those around us.

How do we build our resilience? Most people think that just stopping work or whatever we’re doing allows for recovery. However, it’s only the first step! We need micro and macro breaks on a regular basis. Taking just 5 minutes a day is a huge start! That’s all it takes to allow us to relax and renew. Listen in to understand how you can become resilient in a way that truly will make you tougher, healthier, and even happier.

Of course, we’d love to hear your thoughts and how you become truly resilient!

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