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167: How To Recover From A Long Week At Work

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We are talking this week about recovering after a long week and we’re really talking about resilience. But, what do we do? How do we go about it when we may still have a mountain of work to be done and our reserves feel like they are on zero? Great question and we have some answers!

We are going to talk about resilience in this episode but as is typical, not in the way you may think. We have all had those weeks when we are completing big projects and/or things weren’t going as planned and more of our emotional energy was needed. It is easy to feel way out over our ski’s at times.

And then, there is still that task list staring you right in the face when you feel like you have not one ounce of reserve left.                                                            

Well before we get to the “what to do” I was really curious about what takes most of our reserves at work in the first place. Is it our task list? When I had a “loooong” week, what made it feel long?

A study by a pair of British consultants found this: they asked 835 employees what was happening in their lives that required them to draw on their reserves of resilience. Their answers were not the big challenges of life like deaths in our families, etc…  75% of them said that the biggest drain on their resilience reserves was “managing difficult people or office politics at work”.  And this was followed closely by the volume of work expected at different times.

As you can see, managing relationships with other people and completing our task list at work are often not independent but can easily become interdependent.

Renewal itself can come in all forms of shapes and sizes and knowing what renews you as an individual is key.

How does this show up for you and renewing from a long week?

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