Build Relationships At Work and Cut the Small Talk


163: Build Relationships At Work and Cut the Small Talk

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This episode of the Super Fantastic Leadership Show is a very special one. We recorded it on Facebook Live and are putting the audio right here too. We are talking this week about how getting your team together for those “social outings” may not be the best source of creating great work relationships.

While it is tempting, it can be a little less than ideal to create the connections that you really want to create on your team. And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t feel obligated to go to the “boss’s party?”

We also discuss the recent research from Google¬†and what they learned about creating highly effective teams (note: it didn’t involve going out to the bar) and also the work of Dr. Jane Dutton and how to build high-quality connections.

So listen in this week as we explore the many other options to allow us to connect and create a thriving team.

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