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161: Work Is For Learning

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This week we are talking all about learning at work. What have we learned and what can we learn? You likely haven’t reflected on this much and more importantly, we often don’t think of structuring work with this in mind. Essentially, it comes down to be more committed to learning and not only success. Also, it learning is a little appreciated benefit of work.

In a previous show, we talked about all the ways we keep ourselves from learning at work; Attribution error, having a fixed mindset, relying too heavily on past performance and having more of a bias towards success than failure. With all that in mind, how do we actually shift our work to be more of a learning environment?

Here are the steps to creating a project for yourself as a learning one:

  • First, identify an area where improvement is a must
  • Second, create a goal and tie it to concrete results (i.e. an increase in so much revenue, etc…)
  • Third, make the goal a stretch beyond what could naturally be expected
  • Fourth, (and this is my favorite), do it fast!

So, let’s use a commonly reported leadership challenge as an example; giving and receiving feedback. Listen in as we break it all down and if you’re interested, let us support you in creating a learning project for yourself too.

How have you used work as a learning environment and have you been able to include success and learning on your path to leadership greatness?

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