When What Works No Longer Works-The Super Fantastic Leadership Show Podcast


160: When What Works, No Longer Works

Need to be needed

-We are discussing what to do when what works no longer works. Also, how our emotions really matter when recognizing it. So, what to do when what worked no longer works. Sometimes it feels like outside forces are taking over.                                                           

Here are some examples; you aren’t able to keep up with your requests like you used too at the office. And you fail to recognize that your company has grown 25% in one year. Here is point number one: we somehow expect our lives and our work to go on and on like “business as usual”.  But that just isn’t the case some times. Life is constantly falling apart and changing and entropy is all around us. It is mostly because in some instances it is like a frog in a boiling pot of water. H

Herein lies the biggest reason we struggle; Noticing that something must change brings up a certain emotional experiences for us. Two of the biggest; sadness and fear.

The solution: Be Committed to learning.

What do you think and how have you made changes when what works, no longer works.


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