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159: Leadership Inside DS Leadership Life

Need to be needed

-This week’s show is all about “eating our own cooking” and sharing that with you. Do Marta and I practice what we preach over here at DS Leadership life? Well, let’s find out. I thought it worthy to share our successes and challenges in this week’s show and how we go about managing them. Essentially, do we practice this stuff?   

Here are the main topics we’re covering this week:                                                            

Role Clarity

  • What are we both doing and how?
  • What happens when we add team members? And, who exactly is going to manage that?

Change and Growth

  • What happens when the boss decides to make a change?
  • Or, the company continues to grow and our biggest client says, ‘hey, I want more of your time.’

 How Do We Make Decisions and collaborate

  • Are we still living our values and the things that are most important to us?
  • How do we manage all of this change and maintain those?
  • Are we hitting our goals? What about our vision?


  • How do we share feedback with each other or do we?
  • How do we manage this all remotely?

So this week we invite you to step into our world. We would love to hear how you’ve navigated some of these challenges yourself in your leadership and life.


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