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What Do You Need to Face?


The idea of “facing” something is a bit odd. It is a way to suggest that we need to turn towards something and look directly at it in order to see reality. That something could be another person, a situation, or a circumstance. Breaking it down in this way makes it sound simple, but often it isn’t.

We resist facing many things in life. The product line that isn’t doing well after we’ve invested thousands or even millions in developing it, the project that is way over budget, or even that one guy or gal who isn’t getting it together and is delaying the effectiveness of the entire team. Instead, we often end up in a battle of wills with reality. We continue to resist what all the data is confirming in the hopes that we can change the situation, the circumstance, or the person. (Especially the person.)

And this makes sense. We can’t throw in the towel, wave the white flag, or just take our ball and go home every time life doesn’t go our way. But when is it time to face the music? (Now our challenging situation has become a melody.)

The key is to first recognize when you are ruminating about a situation but avoiding coming to a decision. The item circles around and around in your head, taking up an inordinate amount of RAM in your operating system. Second, take note if you’ve complained about it three or more times to yourself and to anyone who will listen. These are both strong clues that something needs to be faced, and that you are drifting into the land of avoidance and unconsciousness.

It is also possible that you are not ready to face the situation. Or that you are not ready to make a decision. However, in most circumstances, this is not a conscious choice.  You are simply avoiding the situation and turning a blind-eye (or two) to it.

Facing reality is never easy, especially if you’ve been avoiding it for some time. It can mean letting go of a project, or a job, or even a person that has been in your life for many years. However, the cost of not facing these situations will always be greater than the investment you’ve made to sustain something that just isn’t working.

So, what do you need to face?





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