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151: The Truth About Teamwork

Need to be needed

This week we are going to give the truth about teamwork…yes, finally the truth. We are talking about how to do it effectively and why it matters.

Teamwork can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. But first we need to define what a team is and what it isn’t. It sounds simple enough but the distinction is often overlooked and this makes talking about teams a bit difficult.  You can read more about that here. Not all groups are “teams”, in other words. One thing is for sure, an effective team is always worth more than its parts.

One specific truth about us as humans is that we are communal creatures and we like being in a tribe. This is one reason why we like being on teams and being picked for the team too. When we are on a team we like to feel as though we are part of something and belong somewhere. The bond we create through our identification with a team is powerful and meaningful to us too.

Listen in this week and let us know what you think about teams and how to work on them effectively.

What works for you?


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