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144: How To Give A Great Presentation

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This week we are talking about how to give a great presentation at work. This may include giving one to our to co-workers and our boss. Since people fear public speaking more than they fear death, we felt this would be a great topic to cover this week. We’ve all had to give them at work at one time or another so why not learn some quick tips to make the process enjoyable and the presentation enjoyable for those that are listening.

Key points that we will cover in the show:

-Why: What is the intent of the presentation?

-How: How do you want to deliver it? Do you want to use slides or none at all?

-Time: You need time to put it together and to practice. Trying to whip out an outline and make your presentation immediately linear never works. Read more about this in my blog post here.  This is the number one thing that people skip and then wonder why they struggle to enjoy the process.

Tell us what you think; when have you given a great presentation and what did you do that made it so great?

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