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142: Don’t Like Your Boss? Here’s What to Do.

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This week we are talking about what to do if you don’t like your boss.


  • So, you don’t like your boss. There are two different scenarios to consider here.
  • One is that you’ve just gotten a new job and it turns out the boss isn’t who you thought they were
  • The other is that you’ve inherited a new boss
  • The context of these two situations can and likely should be addressed differently
  • We are going to give some solid general input regardless in this week’s show.                                                              

First, consider your role in creating the relationship that is occurring.

  • This is a BIG step and also the most overlooked.
  • If I don’t like the amount of input or attention I’m getting or maybe the way I’m being managed, there is one key question I like to ask myself

Have I made a request and let my desires be known?

  • Often the answer to this question is “no”.
  • Along these same lines, ask for feedback from your boss and also from your PEERS who seem to do well with your boss
  • Be wise with peers and how you ask.
  • Not: “I don’t get along with our boss at all. How do you do it?” Bad approach.
  • Instead, “You really hit it out of the park our last couple of meetings and got some good feedback from ____, what do you think is the key to what you’re doing?
  • And ask your peers about what they see you doing well and where they think you can improve!

Next, consider that your boss’s reactions may not have anything to do with you at all

  • Empathy is a big one here.
  • What pressure is your boss under that you may not even be aware of.
  • If your boss is new in their role (i.e. they’ve just been promoted and you’ve inherited them), consider this strongly
  • They may seem confident but they are human first, just like you
  • It is likely that they have no idea what they are doing AND they don’t know how to work with you either.
  • Ask for a meeting to discuss how you can help them achieve their goals and what is important on their plate right now.
  • At the moment, it might not directly be your department

If your boss’ behavior is really inappropriate, take action

  • And don’t go in guns-a-blazin’ to HR, you need to document and get others to speak up
  • Be clear about your timeline; you can’t control a bad boss, but you can control how long you stay in their employee.
  • If you love the company, see if you can transfer to a different team or make a department switch
  • Take action first and if nothing comes to avail, set your timeline, update your resume and be prepared to leave on good terms
  • Avoid the “march in”.
  • Although tempting, it is a small world and leaving on good terms always feels better anyway.

 The Invitations to Mastery

  • Consider your role first in any relationship that isn’t thriving.
  • Take 100% responsibility for what you may or may not be creating.
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