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141: How To Really Manage Your Stress At Work

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This week we are going to talk about how to really manage your stress at work. And we are going to be doing it by taking a close look at cognitive science and our own thinking brain.

  • Let’s start first with defining something key to this episode; cognitive science
  • Cognitive science; the interdisciplinary scientific study of the mind and its processes
  • We are talking about this because one thing that is true is that a good majority of our stress is created in the mind
  • We have mental computations that occur and result in our cognitive function…or lack thereof.


  • What is stress: a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances
  • Also, to give particular emphasis or importance too and subject to pressure and tension
  • Notice, it doesn’t say things like: stress is your car breaking down or your kid coming home with an F in math.
  • What “stresses” us is different for every person; the events are different
  • And thus, some bold existential philosophers will say things like “all events in life are neutral” and “there are no excuses…we are all responsible.”
  • Sounds a bit harsh but yet, also incredibly empowering
  • With that, we are now going to look at how the actual meaning that we subscribe to events and the “stories” that we tell ourselves create stress or not
  • We are specifically going to bring in the work of Albert Ellis and Byron Katie
  • First, we need to perceive that we are under threat; and we’re not talking about a physical one
  • Threat to our identity, to the way we thought things “should” be
  • So, an event occurs; typically something non-preferred and then we tell ourselves a story about that event
  • Enter the work of Albert Ellis and Byron Katie.
  • You can find Byron Katie’s work here.

Let us know how you manage your stress and what works for you?


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