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138: What Is A Coach and Should I Get One?

Need to be needed

Have you ever thought about getting a coach? This week we discuss coaching and how you can be supported by having one in your life. You may also wonder exactly what coaching is and if you should get a coach. One thing for sure, a coach isn’t just someone who tells you what to do.



  • Coaching focuses on the present and what can be done now.
  • A common question is “how does coaching differ from traditional therapy?”
  • Therapy often times is focused on the past and supporting people to overcome a psychological issue that may be undermining their ability to function well at least at a baseline level.
  • Therapy relies on awareness of past experiences to bring about healing in the present, and coaching sheds light into unseen possibilities and strengths, thus linking awareness to action
  • There are obvious overlaps
  • Do you need a coach?
  • What coaching is best for:
  • Coaching is for healthy, functioning people who seek change in their lives that will result in greater fulfillment both personally and professionally.
  • It is also for people who want to invest fully in their approach and accountability.
  • Does it work?
  • Studies show that coaching:

-Makes a significant impact on one’s overall life satisfaction”.

-Is an effective approach to goal attainment and personal development

-Helps clients become more effective by teaching them how to set concrete, measurable goals and break them down into manageable steps

-Is an effective strategy in which the collaborative efforts help the client identify and take action towards creating change in his life

-Asking challenging questions encourages the client to look for new ways of coming up with solutions and seems to be a key element in effective coaching

The Invitations to Mastery

  • If you are on a growth edge and thinking of making any sort of leap in your life, get the support of a coach.
  • And, get a referral from someone
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