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136: The Formula for Change

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This week’s show is dedicated to change and specifically, Gleicher’s formula for change. This seems like a perfect topic to discuss at the beginning of 2017.  We are talking about making a change, and all of the reasons we have for not making one. So exciting!

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  • Every new year we are imbibed with new hope
  • And with that hope often comes the desire for change
  • The formula for change according to Gleicher
  • (Vision X Discomfort) + First Steps> Resistance(Ambivalence)=Change
  • We explain each section of the formula and what matters in each part of the equation. We also discuss a key component that is missing.


  • So the first part, vision:
  • You can’t truly have a no if you don’t have a “yes”
  • We often say what we don’t want but we aren’t clear of what we do want
  • Next, discomfort (aka suffering). The basic premise here is that we can come to our change through suffering or at least enough of it to “force” a change
  • We can be pushed by discomfort or pulled by a vision
  • And then FS or first steps. This is where it can really start to fall apart.
  • Charles Duhigg’s book The Power of Habit is a good one to review to support our continued steps
  • And last but not least, Resistance or what Daphne likes to call ambivalence.
  • We have reasons to change and reasons to stay the same.

What has worked well for you when you’ve wanted to make a change? What do you think of the formula and how it applies to making change stick in our lives?

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