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135: 4 Questions for Visioning

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Welcome to our first show of 2017 and our episode about discovering your life vision! After several weeks of rest and renewal we are ready to talk about our life vision for the coming year. We are going to do this by exploring four questions that have been a staple for my creations for many years. These four questions are not only empowering, they are also fun and effective. That is just the way we like it here on The Super Fantastic Leadership Show. We want to create our vision and then, create the goals that bring us closer to that vision.

And this is an often overlooked part of creating our leadership life. We regularly create goals at the beginning of the new year without a clear picture of how the accomplishment of them actually creates to the highest vision of our life. I believe this is one of the biggest reasons that our goals, once accomplished, often leave us feeling a bit flat. The experts would agree too and regularly say that it isn’t the accomplishment of the goal itself but the journey that the goal created for us. When we can be sure that the goals we are undertaking can lead us to experiencing our greatest vision, it is my experience that the achievement of them becomes also much more fulfilling too.

While asking ourselves what we really want is a great question sometimes we need a bit more for it to come through us. And once we know the vision that we want to create, we can set up our goals and projects to support the vision. This is very different than simply creating individual goals.

So, let’s get on with the four questions. These come directly from Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith who is a master at visioning. His process is simple to follow and utilize whenever you feel you need to dive further into your life vision and what wants to come through you.

The four life visioning questions:                       

  1. What is the highest vision for my life/work/team? (What wants to emerge).
  2. Who must we become to manifest this vision? What qualities must we cultivate?
  3. What must we let go of to bring this vision fully into being?
  4. What strengths, capacities and talents do we already possess to make this vision a reality?

Try them out and let us know what you think. And if you’ve used them before, what was your discovery?


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