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122: Create Slack Instead of Scarcity At Work

Need to be needed

This week we are continuing on part 2 of our journey on scarcity at work and what to do about it. Today we talk about packing, trade-offs and slack and how to make the right resources scarce…in other words, how to change our thinking. Now, we’ve primarily focused on time, but read the book Scarcity too. If you were with us last week, we talked about bandwidth, tunneling and how not feeling that we have enough impacts our ability to think and how we make decisions. We go into this one step further. Let’s start off first talking about packing a suitcase

We will make trade-offs, and some we will consider and others we won’t. Essentially, there are times when we don’t consider, “what dog didn’t bark?” Now if we take this one step further, we can consider what it looks like when we have more space or “slack” in our suit case. Slack is what allows us to feel as though there is no trade-off AND impacts our bandwidth as well and is actually one of our antidotes to scarcity. For example, as any good financial planner will tell us, leaving 10% aside for “fun money” in our budget or for the “unexpected” is really helpful. When we have more “space”, our planning is less restrained.

But, you may think then, leave more space in our day right? Well, the answer is yes and no. Stephen Aarstoll, author and CEO wrote the book The 5 Hour Work Day and his company has achieved record profits without driving people into the ground. It seems as though they’ve made less space to get work done. You can listen to his interview here where he talks all about the book and answers some key questions you may be interested in from the perspective of a company working in this way.

What ways do you manage the perspective of scarcity that can take over our minds? What has worked for you?

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